(A special thanks to Eric Murray, Jeremy Hicks, Kevin Taffinder, and Phillip Brennan from the Carnvale fan Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Carnevale.TheMiniatureGame for assistance for this article).


Who they are:  The Strigoi are your classic vampires as written by Braham Stoker.  They want to be up close where their Vampiric Attack Special Ability can replenish life points taken in place of Will Points by the Frenzied ability.


How they play:  The Strigoi’s play style is based on whether you are talking about the vampires or the Romani. 


The vampires are melee fighters who want to get in close where their Vampiric Ability will assist them.  They can be a little weak on their own, so hunting packs or the use of weaker models to bait out your opponent are good strategy.  That being said, make sure you watch out for ranged attacks that can damage your vampires on the way in.


The Romani on the other hand offer a wide variety of tools through their magic and command abilities.  While they can be ran as support pieces for your vampires, with their box set, they can be ran on their own with a little difficulty at the time this article was written due to lack of models.


Sample Lists: 

The following list is 100 Ducats and  is built around the starter box with Romani as support.  This gives a good expansion from starter box games:



Noble Strigoi




Tarot Reader





Common Strigoi

Newborne Strigoi



Climbing Tools


The base of this is the two common strigoi acting as one hunting pack and the noble and newborne as the other.  The thralls give objective runners while the Seer and Tarot Reader buff the two hunting packs along with acting as magical defense.  The Reaper can use the climbing tools and his acrobatics to run around on the rooftops, jumping down on the tougher opponents for the -5 Penetration on his attack.