This article is based on a question from the Carnevale Fan Facebook group ( ) about making a list using Rashaar but with the Church models instead of the Monsters.  This was my answer to that question.  So then let's get to it.  What kind of list can you make without including the monsters?


  • Voice of Dagon  


  • Dagonite Priest
  • Demagogue
  • Cult Enforcer


  • Dagon Officiant
  • Urchin
  • Urchin


  • Poison
  • Flash Bang

My Thoughts:

How I picked this, I started with the two boxes (Church of Dagon and Dagon Fanatics).  Given that the Voice of Dagon is only leader in either box, we will start with him (and of course he is very fluffy).  In addition, his Command ability to give enemy characters Stun will help Urchins pickpocket objectives off the enemy.


The Handler is really to help with monsters, so I left him out because there are no monsters.  The Enforcer is a nice beat stick, the Demagogue gives you a second model with Command Points, which is always a good idea in my mind. The priest gives a second mage for dispel.


The Urchins are good for stealing objectives from your opponent, so having them is a good idea for objective games.  The officiants though don't add a lot so I removed them to get the points below 100.


The flash bang and poison helps protect the urchins and help them with that stealing.