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With the opening of the Rent, Magic has returned to the world:


Characters with the Mage (X) special rule are able to cast arcane spells. A character with the Mage (X) special rule knows (x) number of spells.

When working out the effects of a spell, any (x) in the text refers to the casting character’s Mage (X) number.

Mages have the ability to dispel and perform the Cast Spell action

Disceplines of Magic

Mages are limited to the kinds of spells they are able to cast. There are five Disceplines of Magic in Carnevale: Divinity, Blood Rites, Fateweaving, Runes of Sovereignty, and Wild Magic. If a character has the Discipline (x) keyword, then they can know spells from the disciplines listed.

At the start of the game, before rolling for Deployment zone, pick which spells your characters know. Those characters are only allowed to cast those particular spells for the entirety of the game. A character must pick all of their spells from the same Discipline.

A Mage will always know the Cantrip from their chosen Discipline, in addition a Mage knows a maximum number of spells equal to their levels of Mage and Expert Sorcerer combined. Cantrips do not count towards their maximum number of known spells, but must be chosen from the same Discipline.

  • Spell: The name of the spell.
  • Cost: How many Will Points need to be spent to attempt to cast the spell.
  • Difficulty: The result needed to score an Ace on the spell’s Magic Roll.
  • Effect: What the spell does.